November 17, 2011

Josh Shipp and his TV Show

I just found an article about Josh Shipp, a former foster youth and an entrepreneur who has started his own TV show. It is called Jump Shipp and it focuses on the career choices that young people make. It aims to try and help people follow their career dream instead of staying in a unfulfilling job. In the article he talks about his experience in foster care and how it helped him desire to help others. From the article:

"I lived in twelve different foster homes before I was 14 years old. And growing up in the foster care system, I was bullied, suicidal, rebellious, and although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was completely lost. Until I met the Weidenmaier’s. And things started to change, because they saw something good in me I couldn’t see in myself. They not only said they said they wouldn’t give up on me; they backed it up with their actions – every time. The difference was amazing.
Consequently, I really believe EVERY kid is just one caring adult away from being a success story. So growing up with this background led me into exploring the field of behavioral change. And one thing that led me too, I believe, is that the things that hurt you the most are the same things that can help you the most, and that you can eventually use to help others. So after I worked through my issues, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others work through their mental barriers and live the lives they want. I’m fascinated by the psychological barriers that explain the difference between what we SAY (“Of course I want to pursue my dream job!”) and what we DO (“I’ll do it later…I’m not qualified…etc…”)"
You can check out the video preview here.

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